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Forward Thinking

Working with future technologies

We love being on the cutting edge. From making the most out of Apple Watches to working with Google Cardboards and Oculus Rift VR betas, we're always exploring the possibilities and how we will be able to leverage it to benefit the Android apps, iPhone apps, iPad apps and websites that we are building.

Perfect execution

Turning good to great

From designing a logo or building a brand identity through full design and development, our in-house team of specialists spring into action. We believe firmly in data-driven decision making, hence we stick to an agile, analytics-driven approach. Design, develop, test, launch, gather feedback. Rinse and Repeat.

Understanding your end goal

We begin every project after understanding your end goal

Pencil Buddha focuses on the mantra: "Know the user", which makes us identify your users, understand the need from their end and precision craft every part of the digital experience after identifying your business needs and end goals. We want to help you carve out new markets and disrupt existing ones. We'll refine your idea by identifying the gaps in products and organize the flow in the best possible way before we start developing.


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