The Aim

NoaFX is one of the finest online brokerage firms hailing from Kingstown and have been in the business since 2009. NoaFX wanted to build a technologically advanced platform that predicts Foreign Exchange rates, alerts their customers about the best time to exchange their money.

To make the whole concept possible, Pencil Buddha had to break down the complexity that would arise in user experience and thus carefully placed all the components in vicinity, since their target audience age group is over 40.

We had to build tons of widgets and APIs for their website, iPad/Mac/iPhone/Android trading apps and a notifications mobile app that is on the radar. To top it all, we had to make sure that the security of the platform is not compromised. Hence, we used best practices to make NoaFX a robust platform that is highly secure!

A highly secured platform developed with industry best practices and delivered in just eight months!

The Design

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The Result

Brilliantly Engineered! Helping NoaFX leverage their presence across the globe!

With our rock solid algorithm and the security measures provided, we have delivered a solid product that has helped NoaFX leverage their presence in over 100 Nations!

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